• BLADE – Signed book – dated 2014


    The book is a fantastic hardcover with over 190 historical pages.

    King Master visionary!Blade is more than a graffiti artist.
    A remarkable pivotal figure in the history of graffiti Blade’s successes as a graffiti artist are myriad. Blade’s artwork has been extensively collected & exhibited for over 25 years & has participated in over 75 select solo group gallery exhibitions throughout the world!
    Blade has also been involved in numerous symposiums, appeared in hundreds of articles, television features, magazine & journal publications & catalogues.
    At the forefront of the subway graffiti art movement in the early 70s, Blade’s work is not only recognized as a significantly influential, but his lengthy career as a professional artist has warranted his worldwide notoriety & fame.
    Painting over 5000 trains & evolving to new levels of subway & canvas graffiti, Blade has had exhibitions at the Whitney museum (2000) Cleveland’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (2000). A 1991 show at The Musse National De Monuments Francais (Paris France) numerous shows at the Groniger Museum, and dozens of shows in Europe & Asia. On October 28,1994, Blade was invited to the Groniger museum to meet the Queen of England, as she was attending the prestigious institustion’s re-opening.

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  • Keith Baugh’s – Signed book


    Keith Baugh’s collection of subway graffiti is one of the earliest collections of the New York art form and contains many unique images of work by Blade, Vamm, Phase2, Crazy 5, Kindo and many others.

    Legendary Subway Art photographer Martha Cooper said of Keith’s work: “His collection is a treasure trove of images that push the boundaries of what we know about the stylistic development of the letterforms now seen worldwide. Keith’s book greatly adds to the ever-expanding history of Graffiti Art.”

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