The book is a fantastic hardcover with over 190 historical pages.

King Master visionary!Blade is more than a graffiti artist.
A remarkable pivotal figure in the history of graffiti Blade’s successes as a graffiti artist are myriad. Blade’s artwork has been extensively collected & exhibited for over 25 years & has participated in over 75 select solo group gallery exhibitions throughout the world!
Blade has also been involved in numerous symposiums, appeared in hundreds of articles, television features, magazine & journal publications & catalogues.
At the forefront of the subway graffiti art movement in the early 70s, Blade’s work is not only recognized as a significantly influential, but his lengthy career as a professional artist has warranted his worldwide notoriety & fame.
Painting over 5000 trains & evolving to new levels of subway & canvas graffiti, Blade has had exhibitions at the Whitney museum (2000) Cleveland’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (2000). A 1991 show at The Musse National De Monuments Francais (Paris France) numerous shows at the Groniger Museum, and dozens of shows in Europe & Asia. On October 28,1994, Blade was invited to the Groniger museum to meet the Queen of England, as she was attending the prestigious institustion’s re-opening.